New Years Sale Please Read

1 comment by korrena weathington

The whole point of this sale is to clear my old inventory which is often to delicate to make it through shipping intact. It crumbles. This means some of your stuff may be broken when you order during this sale.

I would like to get it cleared out so I can remake it properly and more stable.Thanks for understanding. I know many people who have tried my items love the way they feel ,even if they showed up in pieces. I appreciate your support, and can't wait to fix the problem for you. This was the fastest way of doing so that I could think of.

My loss is your gain most items have been dropped in price quite a bit. And I have a lot to get rid of so I will be adding extra to the boxes if I can fit more in them.

1 comment

  • hpupjxhuzi

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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