Black Friday Sale

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So I just wanted to explain the black Friday sale that will be taking place on this site. There will not be any codes or discounts or anything for it unfortunately. However If you buy a product on the 25th of november then you will get another product free.

I know it's not ideal or the best eye catching sale but it's the best I can offer at the moment, and I want to offer you guys something.
So if you buy 5 products you'll get 10.

I will be choosing randomly what the other products are.I hope you like surprises.Or you can drop me a note of what you may prefer.

As a side warning the items being included are not great quality products.For instance some of the color bombs I recently made and put into the stem glasses the stems have broken off.So it would appear like your getting a broken item.However the bombs are still fine.Just using this as an example.Most of the items are older bombs that just aren't show bombs.They are your everyday average fizzy bombs.

I have many coffin bombs that I only have like 1 of i'd like to just get rid of at this point as it appears no ones going to buy them.And then I can at least remove those listings off my sites.

A lot of herbal bombs that I need to get rid of.So be aware these will leave things floating in your water.

Tons of zombie and fairy dust. Depending on how much you order depends on how many different items you'll get, but I'll try not to send you duplicates.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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