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I've gotten a lot of concerned emails lately. People seem concerned about my business.

I am not new to the business world or advertising.In fact I've ran 2 successful companies in the past 15 years...which I still run.This will be my third. And yes I do them all from home.

I do not really view rebel potions as a job.This is my hobby.Which I chose to turn into a business,because like my other jobs I just ended up enjoying it so much.

Yes I do give away a lot for free.And yes I do have a HUGE discount going soon.Is it going to be a loss.Yes.In most peoples eyes.But if it drives the traffic I want to my brand new website then I really don't care. If it makes some people fall in love with my products even better. I'm one to believe you shouldn't be starting up a business if you don't have the funds to invest in it in the first place, and to get your products out there.

I will make a video soon to show my original bombs.It's a laughing stock.Those are not at all the bombs I'm trying to sell.But we can all watch and get a kick out of seeing them as soon as I post the video.

I'm always open to suggestions and ideas to make my products better but at the moment they are pretty much exactly the way I want them.

I have been sending out bombs to testers mostly just to test of the scents.I personally like to mix my own scent so that it's unique to my own store.People may or may not like it.I need to know.

Also because I make the products, and they are sitting around drying,and being packaged....it's all I ever smell. I also bathe in them every night.(That's the pleasure of being able to make them)Therefore I admit I'm kinda immune to it.Which then creates the problem of ....is there enough scent in this bomb? cuz I dunno I can't smell it. And I don't want to overload you guys.

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