If your items are damaged or broken please email rebelpotions@yahoo.com immediately and I am happy to issue a replacement. I do not do refunds.I do not accept returns.


As long as your order has not yet been shipped you can cancel it. E-mail me at rebelpotions@yahoo.com and I am happy to process your cancellation.


Is it normal for my soap/bath bomb/etc to change color?

Yes! Especially products containing  vanilla which many of my products do. Vanilla may turn soaps and bath bombs brown over time.

I am happy to do custom orders.

I do not share your personal information with any other parties.


Shipping can vary. I no longer keep items in stock. Instead I make them to order as needed. So shipping can now take a week or so that way nothing is ever out of stock and you can buy it when you want it. This saves me from needing a place to store everything and also gives you fresher products.

Can you put more fragrance in the wax melts to make them smell stronger?

No, I already put the max load of fragrance oil into the wax that it will hold. There is actually a limit, I can just keep adding it until it's strong enough. Some scents are just naturally stronger than others.

Will my wax melts melt?

Yes, it's possible if they are left outside for long periods of time during summer months. Please try to bring them in as soon as possible. I ship in boxes to help try to protect them, also I can offer cold packs in the orders if you think it's needed. Wax is mixed with a bit of paraffin wax to help it hold shape during warmer months.