Weekly Blog

by korrena weathington

Ok time for me to try harder. new goal post a blog every friday. I can do this....my planner tells me so.

Speaking of planners in case you didn't know there are some stickers on the site.So you can be a sticker nerd like me and mark every Wednesday when the new bath bombs are released into the stores. If you have any other ideas for stickers please let me know I'd be happy to make them. I also have stickers to mark you tube video releases. right now the stickers are not precut. If there's enough interest I may eventually buy some professional ones for us all


There are also now bath bomb and soap molds up on my etsy store. I won't be moving them onto this site just because it's harder to track. Also I don't want to clutter up this site with many things.

I printed out a bunch of stencils that are to big for me to use. So everyone can now enjoy some free stencils on the back of their packing slips for a while. lol

Sorry for being a bit sick this week. I ended the May rebel box a few days early. But I am already planning out Junes.

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