Closer and Closer to the Black Friday Sale!

by korrena weathington

Just a few things I wanted to throw in about the black friday "free Items' that you'll be getting.

Part of my goal with this sale is to remove some of the listings off this site and my etsy store. A lot of them only have like 1-3 items and I'm not making more so I'd love to just remove those listings.

Which means I'll probably wait till the end of the day or the next day and then see what didn't sell and put those items into the boxes for free.Also means not all the items are old or weird.Some of the things I only have 1-3 of are good bombs.

as for the older ones I wanted to add that i've noticed I can't smell them to well. I don't think I added a lot of scent to them.Mostly because in the begining I was using essential oils, so that's one thing to remember.The older bombs have essential oils not fragrances.Because they are more potent and expensive I probably didn't use a lot, but now they are a bit faded.

And speaking of faded, sometimes I think this cardboard I add under some of my bombs for stability is sucking up some of the scent as well.So that may be a problem.I guess we'll see.

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