by korrena weathington

Tell me how you guys feel about candles. When I started this store I had big dreams.You know lip scrub,face scrub, creams...everything.
Since then I've decided a lot of things just aren't meant for me to do.I don't want to take on to many products especially ones that aren't really in my interests.That's not to say there's not more to come.There's plenty more.

But candles are one of them. See my mother and others I've noticed on you tube love wax melts.Frankly I hate these things.After all my money spent on them I know they tend to smell for a very short period of time.And then they kinda just sit there in a puddle of wet doing nothing.I dislike that.It's a waste of my money.I feel like real candles are at least worth it.And fire??? Yes haha

So I know I'm not the typical business owner.I don't want to just make a bunch of products and try to sell as much as possible. I want to make things I'd actually use.Which also means  if there's a particular scent or something you like, you are probably going to have to request a custom order, because I really don't stray far from my main line scents.

I mean let's face it I'm a brand new company with very few customers.I can't afford much right now in terms of just buying  a lot of supplies I may not even need.I'm kinda at the point of still waiting to see if people are going to buy at all.

Of course I have plenty of website views.Plenty of people bookmarking and liking my stuff.But sales? not so much.

I've done all I can really by sending out products free and letting people sample/test things.Proving if you order you will receive your products.And normally if I even think there may be a problem I throw in extra stuff.

It's just a waiting game at this point.


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