Carnevil mini skull wax melts

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Carnevil mini skull wax melts
Carnevil mini skull wax melts

Carnevilmini skull wax melts.

It was a space ship. And there was these things, these killer clowns, and they shot popcorn at us! We barely got away!

Scented with...
Festive kettle corn, funnel cake and cotton candy

These are made from para-soy wax. There is 12 skulls per bag

These make awesome gifts.

These are also great little packs to mix and match your own scents into your warmers

Sample packs contain 3 skulls which is enough to try out in your warmer and sniff the product.

Remove packaging before use.
Use only in warmers approved for wax melts. Keep out of reach of children and pets. NOT edible. Do NOT add water. It is your responsibility to use your wax melts safely and responsibly.
Rebel Potions is not responsible for injuries or accidents

please note when ordering during hotter months, they may melt. Especially if you cannot grab your packages off the porch right away.
I do not ship on weekends to try to prevent this. If you order quite a few and live in a hotter area I do ship in a box with a ice pack.

Please note each batch is different in appearance

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